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webdesign and -development


Andreas Jantschnig
Blumenstraße 46
10243 Berlin/Germany

MOBILE +49 (0)176/79071836


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Terms & conditions

1. General scope

All offers and acceptances of the company JANTSCHNIG.COM / / webdesign and-development (hereinafter called from Jantschnig) are based on the following terms, unless special conditions or by mandatory statutory provisions provide otherwise. Of these terms and conditions inconsistent or contradictory agreements in writing. These conditions apply, mutatis mutandis, to the company Jantschnig deliverables. Conflicting terms and conditions of the contractor or the supplier will not be accepted.

2. Consumer protection

The terms and conditions apply both to companies and consumers. If a specific provision in these terms and conditions shall be null and void because of a mandatory statutory provision, this has on the other contractual relationships can not influence. Instead of an invalid provision is agreed that this is legally permissible to the neighbor.

3. Right of withdrawal for consumers

If the consumer's contractual declarations or in the company Jantschnig for business purposes permanently living areas are not made at one of the company Jantschnig for it at a fair or market took advantage of location, he may, within of his application for a contract or the contract, two weeks to withdraw the time period begins when the consumer a document that contains at least the name and address from Jantschnig well as information about the right of withdrawal will be followed, but not before the conclusion of the contract. The right of rescission is not the consumer, if he himself has initiated the business relationship with the company or Jantschnig have preceded the conclusion of the treaty is not a meeting between de participants. The withdrawal needs to be valid in written form, the withholding of the document, the contract contains a statement to the company Jantschnig or an employee who has participated in contract negotiations, it is sufficient. The document can be set aside to recognize a statement that the consumer rejects the conclusion or the maintenance of the contract.

4. Contract conclusion

Contracts whose performance is not instantaneous train to train, in particular purchase agreements and contracts with payment can only be concluded in writing. This is done by signing an order form and confirmation by the company Jantschnig An oral offer to the firm Jantschnig is accepted if made by the company Jantschnig within the acceptance period, or within a week, a written declaration of acceptance. As a conclusion of the contract, the date of order.

5. Purchase, sale and delivery conditions

By the company Jantschnig ordered goods have to comply with the order in quantity and quality but in particular patterns presented in detail. Unauthorized deviations entitle the company Jantschnig, regardless of the nature of the defect the product either to accept or not to demand a corresponding price reduction. The seller of the goods or the importer from Jantschnig guarantees that the goods all the relevant statutory provisions, in particular safety regulations and import provisions. All the documents required for the operation, import, export, and for a possible technical review by an authority is required, the seller has changes to be free. The seller has to point to dangers that came from a good start immediately. This is the case even if the danger in goods of the type only later come to light. The seller is entitled to call the company Jantschnig the delivered goods with their typical brand name or appearance in all printed materials or to map.The seller agrees to the company Jantschnig action in its entirety and hold harmless, if this patent, trademark and design rights are violated. For non-delivery on time is from Jantschnig to the right of immediate withdrawal from the contract without the need for a grace period. Any claims for damages remain. In cases of force majeure, which make the seller a timely delivery impossible, that the company has Jantschnig be notified immediately, failing which he is responsible for the damage from the delivery is late damage. Deliveries to the company Jantschnig shall be made exclusively for the said of her delivery and the risk of the seller. In case of non acceptance of goods by the company Jantschnig the seller to pick up within 8 days is required for understanding. Failure to collect the goods from the right Jantschnig for return shipment at the risk and cost of the seller. The payment of the account shall only be on the job or in existing framework agreements referred to payment. A settlement package is recognized only by express agreement. If the seller delivers to a customer directly from Jantschnig is the bill twice to send along with confirmed proof of delivery. The accounts must comply with the provisions of the Austrian VAT Act 1972, as amended. The supplier from Jantschnig is committed to immediate reporting. The limitation of the purchase price starts from the date of delivery. The seller is not entitled to set off its claims against claims from Jantschnig. Performance for supplies from Jantschnig is the company headquarters, and even then, is when the surrender vereinbarunsgemäß elsewhere.

The risk to supplies from Jantschnig passes to the buyer when the goods are handed over to the carrier. Claims on the company Jantschnig are due without the agreement of a payment period for receipt of billing for immediate payment. The company Jantschnig reserves for the proper accounting a period of at least 4 weeks. All the payments received from Jantschnig erase first the interest and fees, then only the outstanding capital, and each payment shall be credited against the oldest debt post. For customers that the company Jantschnig are permanent business relationship, the company Jantschnig the right to all goods and services on the basis of a current account is set off. The balance will be reported separately in a statement of account, and it is recognized, if not contested in writing within 14 days. If in any particular case otherwise agreed, a passes Kontokorrenzinssatz of 14% pa for settlement, the interest payable quarterly, are beaten to the capital. If changes in the money or capital market, which cause a general increase in lending rates, the company is entitled to a Jantschnig increase the agreed interest rate. The company reserves Jantschnig expressly for the decision not to involve individual claims into an existing account relationship.

6. Delay

Payment shall entitle the company Jantschnig, whatever it is at fault, irrespective of further claims that back in their retention of title of goods and equipment without judicial involvement. This method does not cancel the contract. From Jantschnig but it is free to withdraw after granting a reasonable extension of the contract in whole or in part. Without prejudice to other claims is to require the company Jantschnig the right of the defaulting buyer a distance charge of 10% of the price of those goods that are affected by the termination.

7. Retention of title

Until full payment of the purchase price is the company Jantschnig owner of the purchased item. In judicial seizure or claims by third parties, the buyer is obliged to refer to the ownership of the company and they immediately Jantschnig them of the claim. In the case of a resale, the retained property extends to the proceeds of sale or the purchase price of the transaction. The buyer shall assign all claims arising from such resale, from permanently the property from Jantschnig.

8. Warranty

The company Jantschnig be entitled to exchange defective goods against similar faulty goods within a reasonable time or will do their best the defect within a reasonable time. This will void a claim for conversion or Preisminderung.Gewährleistungsrechte require a timely complaint. Erfolgtim individual gesture of goodwill in a withdrawal of the goods passes to the buyer's expense Manipulationsgeühr of 7% of the credit zuzüglichdes Fakturensumme in replacement of any damage to the returned goods, by the replacement value - calculated - without any consideration of a reduced value.

9. Insolvency of the contractor

The company Jantschnig is to withdraw from the contract without the need for a grace period when the economic situation of the contractor deteriorated, will be opened against its assets, insolvency proceedings and the opening of insolvency proceedings is rejected due to lack of funds, so that scheduling and expected delivery problems or failure to cover the liability or warranty claims with the company are Jantschnig.

10. Liability, especially product liability

The liability of the company Jantschnig is any statutory provisions provide otherwise, limited to those damages that occur to the delivery itself. Claims to compensation for further damages are excluded unless the company Jantschnig intent or gross negligence. Burden of proof of the buyer. The liability for the compensation of damages according to § 1 of the Produkthaftungsgsetzes is excluded under § 9 PHG explicitly. The company undertakes Jantschnig any retailer on tie with a liability pursuant to § 9 PHG on other customers.

Search engine registration

There are websites, domain names, registered websites from the Internet with all the services commissioned by machine. There can be no assurance that the pending home pages, domain names, websites will also be included in all services. The payment of compensation remains unaffected.


The customer shall indemnify the company Jantschnig of all third party claims regarding the left data. Jantschnig is not responsible for the backup of the account / server stored files. As far as data sent to the account / server, the customer for making backup copies. The customer receives for the care of its offer, a login name and login password. He is obliged to treat it as confidential, and shall be liable for any misuse resulting from the unauthorized use of the password. The customer is aware that due to the nature of the Internet it is possible to intercept transmitted data. This risk taken by the customer purchase. Jantschnig is not liable for breaches of confidentiality of email messages or other information transmitted. Jantschnig does not guarantee that the account / server for a particular service, or a piece of software is available or appropriate permanently. The service of Jantschnig is the position of the account / server. For disturbances within the Internet, we can not accept any liability. We continue to assume any liability for incidental or consequential damages caused directly or indirectly by the account / server. Liability and compensation claims are on the order value, max. EUR 250.00, however limited.

11. Assignment clause

Receivables from Jantschnig may be assigned to a third party or pledged.

12. Consent

The contractor from Jantschnig agrees that his objective in the relationship data published for operational reasons, supported by automation stored, transmitted and processed.

13. Receipt of documents

Documents shall be deemed received when sent to the last address provided by the contractor.

14. Jurisdiction

Any dispute arising between the company and Jantschnig a Party that is independent of the size of the claim, the District Court jurisdiction Villach. With consumers that the district court is presumed competent agreed, in whose jurisdiction the consumer at the time of his domicile, his domicile or habitual residence.

15. Prices

All prices agreed with the customer are net.